Airplane Crash Survival Techniques

This blog is going to discuss airplane crashes. Although airplanes are one of the safest ways to travel, sometimes plane crashes do occur. If you follow certain rules during an airplane crash, you can increase your survival chance. A lot of people die after the crash from things like smoke inhalation, fires, fuel combustion, etc.


Preflight Preparation:

Always make sure you are dressed to handle an emergency:

  1. Always wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts or blouses made of less flammable material.
  2. Avoid wearing sandals, open-toed or high heels.
  3. Have a handkerchief or some other cloth you can cover your mouth with in case of a smoke or noxious-fume event.


Where to sit:

  • Book a seat with emergency evacuation in mind.
  • It’s safer to sit towards the back of the airplane.
  • Seats closer to the exit doors are preferable.


Gathering Intelligence:

Search the information about the safety record of the plane you are ticketed to take.

Use Situational awareness on the plane:

Be aware of:

  • The condition of the plane.
  • The condition of the pilots and flight crew.
  • Your fellow passengers: Does anyone seem unusually nervous, uncomfortable, or out of place?
  • Where are your closest escape routes?

Once you get to your seat immediately find your closest exists. Make sure you know how to properly open the doors.

During Take off and landing be prepared to respond quickly to any emergency condition.



  • Keep your seat belt securely fastened (the seat belt should be as low as possible, not across your stomach.
  • Place yourself firmly against whatever is in front of you(seat in front of you)
  • Stop your limbs from flailing about and hitting things during violent motion of the crash.
  • Wrap your head in your arms tightly clasping your hands and fingers together.
  • If you have a pillow or blanket handy, use it as a cushion between you and any nearby object your body may strike.

Two ways to Brace yourself Properly:

The cross-arm brace position:


The bend-and-tuck brace position:

crash position


If you survive impact, you must immediately get out! The best way to escape is by moving to the front part of the plane.

Finding the best exit:

  • The closest exit to you could be blocked. If you see one as dangerous, cross over and make exit for the door on the opposite side.
  • Orderly evacuation will save more lives.
  • Urge everyone around you to remain calm.
  • Do not pause just continue moving.

What to do once your out:

If it’s in water, swim as far away from the plane as you can.

If it’s on land, move swiftly away from the plane.

If rescue is prolonged, improvise ways to signal your location, like using a fire or hanging cloth or clothing from trees or branches.


Surviving a plane crash is not an easy task, most people probably wont survive, but by using these helpful survival techniques your survival chances will increase.

Courtley, C. (2012). SEAL survival guide: A Navy SEAL’s secrets to surviving any disaster. New York: Gallery Books.


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