Navy Seal Survival Guide Part 3-Gear

In this blog I am going to discuss gear. Gear is important, but it is not the most important. The most important is having the knowledge and training for emergency situations. Having the gear though can make the difference between living and dying. There is a collection of gear that you should have within reach at a moments notice called a go bag. A go bag is something you can throw over your shoulder and run with. There are some essentials for each bag:

Compass Softsided-First-Aid-Kit-piece_top-first-aid-kitseye-drops

  1. Copy of passport, drivers license, emergency contact list, and any necessary prescriptions.
  2. Multitool (includes pliers, knife, saw blade, file, screw drivers)
  3. Compass, folding mirror type (used for signaling)
  4. Marker pen or indelible felt-tip pen and small waterproof notebook.
  5. Flashlight, extra batteries, and a headlamp.
  6. Cyalume chemlights (glow sticks), red and green.
  7. Lighter waterproof matches, and magnesium fire starter, and cotton balls for tinder.
  8. Candles
  9. Plastic whistle
  10. Bottled water and protein or energy bars
  11. SteriPEN or water-purification tablets and filter
  12. Lightweight water-resistant windbreaker and sun visor
  13. Emergency/space blanket
  14. First-air kit: compressed gauze dressing, tourniquet material, cloth sling, surgical gloves, alcohol wipes, sunscreen
  15. Trash bag
  16. Hand sanitizer or bleach wipes
  17. Zip ties
  18. Twenty feet or paracord
  19. Tape
  20. Spare socks
  21. Eye flush/eye drops
  22. Cash in small bills
  23. Any medication you are taking or inhaler.

traditional-candles-and-candle-holders Purell-Hand-Sanitizer-300x300 UM13-Plastic-Whistle_2010_800-600x600

These are just the minimal requirements for immediate survival. Some additional items you could add if you have the space or can carry more weight are:

1.Increase your water supply

  1. Add food like meals ready to eat or freeze dried, add-water food.

3.Small sleeping bag and additional ponchos

  1. Sock hat and gloves: wool is warm even when wet.
  2. Hand powered radio
  3. Additional Flashlight
  4. Fishing kit, including the line and hooks
  5. Snare wire
  6. Extra cell phone with additional batteries
  7. Larger fixed-blade knife.
  8. Expanded first-aid kit, to include additional dressings, tape, scissors, bandages, antiseptic.
  9. GPS
  10. Lock-pick kit and set of jigglers for vehicle entry
  11. Bear Spray (extra strength pepper spray)
  12. Folding shovel
  13. Insect head net
  14. Illumination flares/smoke signals
  15. Change of clothes
  16. Firearm

20. A copy of the Navy Seal Survival Guide

ultimate-guide-sneaking-booze-into-any-event.w654    2000004453_500    71LlmNTbJfL._SL1500_

These are all parts of equipment you may need for survival. These are important to have for emergency situations that might occur. A go bag can be the difference between life and death. It’s important to keep a go bag handy like in your car in case an emergency occurs.

Courtley, C. (2012). SEAL survival guide: A Navy SEAL’s secrets to surviving any disaster. New York: Gallery Books.


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