Navy Seal Survival Guide

To be a Navy Seal you have to get into the mindset of a Navy Seal. To start you have to challenge yourself. Start by thinking of something that brings you out of your comfort zone and challenge it. I am taking the steps to become a Navy Seal, not because I want to become a Navy Seal but because I want to be mentally strong like a Navy Seal. I am starting by going through the different checklists in the Navy Seal Survival Guide and making sure I do everything on them.

The first checklist is the Comfort Zone Checklist. The four things on this checklist are: Did I challenge myself today? Did I do something positive that my mind initially didn’t want to do? Did I do something positive that me body initially didn’t want to do? Can I do more? Something that pushes me out of my comfort zone is speaking in front of others. To help push me out of my comfort zone I had my roommates sit around while I stood up and spoke in front of them. This wasn’t that bad since it was just my roommates, but later in the semester I have a few presentations I have to do which is going to push me far out of my comfort zone. This made me challenge myself for the day. For the next two on the checklist I decided to go to the gym this is something positive that my mind and body didn’t initially want to do but I forced myself to go. The last check on the checklist is can I do more? I thought about this as I was working out and I pushed myself to go that extra mile because I knew I could do more. This is just the beginning of getting into a mindset of a Navy seal.

The next checklist is the physical toughness checklist. I completed this checklist at the gym. I am not very strong, but you don’t have to be to complete the checklist. You just have to push yourself harder each day. I challenge my body and each day when I go to the gym I push myself to go longer or faster than I did the day before. This is completing the physical toughness checklist.

The next checklist is the mental toughness checklist. This is all about a fear. One of my biggest fears is spiders. I decided that next time I see a spider, I’m going to kill it on my own while trying not to freak out. I haven’t conquered my fear yet, but I’m hoping next time I see a spider I will be able to conquer it. I am also thinking of other fears I might have so I can conquer those as well. I hope that eventually I will have little to no fears because I will have conquered them all.

The next checklist from the Navy Seal Survival Guide is the situational awareness checklist. This checklist to me seems kind of paranoid. For this checklist you should try to think what others around you are thinking or doing, look for odd behavior, determine where you’d go to seek cover from an explosion or gunshot, find exists, and determine if someone is following you. I think some of these are very important especially to prepare yourself for an emergency situation. If you were always doing this, you would seem so paranoid. I do like to know where the exits are and to think about where I would go if an emergency happened. This is helpful to keep you safe anywhere you are. Fire drills are very important and helpful. If I ever do happen to spot odd behavior or notice that someone was following me, Id seek help immediately.

After completing all these checklists I feel like I am on my way to becoming a Navy Seal…well at least thinking like one. I hope someday I will have the mindset of a Navy Seal and have no fears and be able to conquer anything in my way.

Courtley, C. (2012). SEAL survival guide: A Navy SEAL’s secrets to surviving any disaster. New York: Gallery Books.


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